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New season at Mancinelli Theatre, 23 new shows for everyone


An important quote characterises the new season of Mancinelli Theatre. The Orvieto theatre honors Giorgio Albertazzi, who influenced Italian theatre, through one of his sentence as catch-phrase for the new season 2016/2017: “Theatre is watching as you are seeing”. The Mancinelli Theatre raises the curtain with a playbill which consists of about twenty of the best Italian shows, with a quality which charactrised its artistic plan.

On stage, between October and November, a meltingpot of new and old shows, which include prose texts, satire, dance and cabaret shows, and last but not least the reading and the opera, performed by the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale of Spoleto, which, in the context of the 2016 Regional Operatic Season , displays the new show, a masked dance party by Giuseppe Verdi. Unavoidable the classics, such as the immortal legend of Edipo by Sofocle, included in Edipo Re, directed by Andrea Baracco, and included also in Edipo a Colono, with the direction of Glaucco Mauri (who has just won an award from the committee president at “Le Maschere del Teatro Italiano 2016”), on stage with Roberto Sturno. Directed by Cristina Pezzoli, Nancy Brilli goes on stage with a modern reinterpretation of William Shakespeare's Bisbetica.

A well-accepted comeback to the Mancinelli Theatre for the 6th consecutive year is Canto di Natale, show by Argot Produzioni, directed by Tiziano Panici, which recalls the well-known fairy tale by Charles Dickens, appreciated by adults and children, through a traveling show. As for satire, familiar personalities of cinema and tv such as Nicolas Vaporidis who plays in a funny piece about separation “Finchè giudice non ci separi” and such as Massimo Ghini who performs as actor and as director in “Un'ora di tranquillità”, a great success of one the best today's French playwrights, Florian Zeller. Luca Barbareschi and Chiara Noschese are the characters of the comedy “L'anatra all'arancia”, and Michela Andreozzi is the main character of “Maledetto Peter Pan”, a show which was born following the idea of telling and smiling about betrayal, a tragedy well-known by everyone.

In the double role of main character and director, Filippo Dini ( who has just won the award for the best direction for the “Ivanov” at “Le Maschere del Teatro Italiano 2016”), debuts at Mancinelli as national premiere, together with Asia Argento, with the show “Rosalind Franklin”, which is about the discovery of DNA and about the last years of the scientist who was capable of discovering what was called “The secret of life”. Lucia Poli and Milena Vukotic, together with Marilù Prati, are the main characters of “Sorelle Materassi”, a free version by Ugo Chiti, from the novel by Aldo Palazzeschi. They perform two sisters of the Tuscany petty burgeoise in a domestic drama, characterised by irony and absurdity. On Mancinelli stage the coming back of Alessandro Benvenuti, who analizes, in a funny act of violence written, directed and performed by himself, with a modern and ironic style, and with a meticulous cruelty, the gradual decline of relationships among family members.


Even personalities of cabaret world are in the playbill, such as Francesca Reggiani who, in “Quello che le donne (non) dicono”, a real new show, gives a large number of lines, farces and characters. The Roman comedian Roberto Ciufoli impersonates many personalities in “Tipi”, where he analyzes the darkest and the funniest aspects of human being. Brilliant and overpowering “That's life!”, the one man show through which Riccardo Rossi analyzes fears and utopias related to different periods of life. As for dance, the “Sonics” display their expected fitting “Toren”, a visual creation, rich in scenic and acrobatic experimentation. The etoile Emanuela Bianchini and the solists of Mvula Sungavi Physical Dance make (in a three-dimensional manner), arias of works, songs and music in “Caruso” and other Italian stories, a new choreographic adaptation inspired by the great opera written by Lucio Dalla, “Caruso”. “Ben Hur”, written by Gianni Clementi for the couple Paolo Triestino and Nicola Pistoia (with the gifted Elisabetta de Vito, one of the finalists at “Maschere del Teatro 2012-2013, as supporting actress), faces up the topics of racism and immigratiion in a new and bright manner, with a meltingpot of thoughts, feelings and laugh.

The acting company “Mastro Titta” comes back to Mancinelli with “The Blues Brothers”, a musical comedy which honors immortal soul, blues and rock'n'roll songs, inspired by the famous movie of the same name. A season, in other words, which is important for the shows, for the different proposals, for the rich style and for the distinction of performers, all together with exceptional events such as three lessons of “Storia Speciale” by Edizioni Laterza, where respected historians narrate, engage and excite, on the stage of a illustrious theatre, an inquiring and partecipating spectator. This is the winning formula of “Lezioni di Storia”, which arrives in Orvieto with a special course where the main characters are the most illustrious personalities of Italian hystoriography: Emilio Gentile (Il capo e la folla. La genesi della democrazia recitativa), Alberto Mario Banti (Il balcone di Manet. Costumi e morale borghese), Antonio Forcellino (Leonardo. Il genio senza pace). Since “Theatre is watching as you are seeing” means also understand, two shows, included in “Commemor-Azioni”, are in the playbill and they refer to the topic of violence against women and to the Remembrance Day.

The shows are “Non ho peccato abbastanza” by Theama Teatro, which will be performed the day dedicated to the removal of violence against women, and “Un volo leggero”, where Evelina Mehnagi and the other members of Ashire Ensemble, celebrate the Remembrance Day with stories, dances and songs, in order to not to forget one of the darkest events of our history. On schedule, at Mancinelli Theatre, not just shows but also mettings with the artists, the project “Scuole a Teatro”, a competition of amateur theatre and other activities which will go with the season.