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Visit Orvieto with the Carta Unica


As the claim goes, Orvieto’s Carta Unica is “the key to the city”. There is no doubt that it facilitates access to the city’s major museums and monuments, and, thanks to a set of agreements with a number of incoming service companies and commercial enterprises (shops, restaurants, hotels) it offers a series of discounts that allow you to better enjoy some other aspects of the city's daily life. Groups will also have the opportunity of a merenda Orvietana (snack), accompanied by excellent olive oil.

We recommend you purchase the Carta Unica: with only 20 Euros you can visit the Duomo, including the Chapel of San Brizio, the MODO, the Faina Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Crocefisso del Tufo Necropolis, Saint Patrick's Well, the Moro Tower, the Pozzo della Cava and Orvieto Underground (the fare for students, groups and those who are over 65 years of age is even lower: only 17 Euros).

By reading the list of sites of this cultural offer, and by visiting our website, you will realize that Orvieto deserves a prolonged visit. But we suggest you should buy the Carta Unica even when you have only planned to spend a day in Orvieto or just a few hours: in fact the Carta has no expiry date and you can use it at a later date. This means that, after your first bite... you will have one more reason to go back to Orvieto.

You can buy the Carta Unica at the selling point located in Piazza della Pace parking (behind the Rail Station, seasonal opening), at Orvieto Underground info point in Piazza Duomo and at the tickets points of the museums and monuments included in the Carta.

Download the Carta Unica Pdf
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