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Orvieto's wine

Vigna nelle campagne orvietaneComing to Orvieto has always meant getting to know and enjoy its famous and highly reputed wine. The link that connects Orvieto to its wine is deep and dates back a long time, an uninterrupted thread of tradition, from Etruscan times to our day. You will easily realize that everything has the word wine written on it, whether above, below or around Orvieto's cliff: the Duomo's bas-reliefs and frescoes, the inscriptions of the medieval corporations, the frescoes of the historical palaces, the underground crowded with cellars linked by a network of tunnels since unmemorable times. And walking amidst the vineyards that extend to the hills on both sides of the Paglia river, up to and beyond its confluence with the river Tiber, you will not find it difficult to notice that they create a close scenic link with the cliff, making Orvieto the epicentre of one of the most remarkable viticultural areas in Umbria. Viticulture has been such an ever-present activity that still for the whole of the last century, Orvieto appeared as a large "closed field", the vineyards occupying half of the available space; also, the area occupied by present-day Piazza Cahen extending as far as the Church of the Servi di Maria and the Convent of St. Peter's nuns was named the "Large Vineyard" in the city's documents and maps

Going back to the town's historical places, you will realize to what extent Orvieto's wine has been related to the people's daily life and to its social and cultural life, as well as to the official historiography during the course of centuries. You can taste one or more of its many contemporary variations at the Enoteca Regionale dell'Umbria or in one of the wineries where visits are conducted; it is the perfect accompaniment to typical and traditional dishes in one or more local restaurants or, (why not?) you can purchase it in the town's wine shops, to remind you of Orvieto when you are back home or having a drink with friends.

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