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The Etruscan-Roman Wine Route

Strada dei Vini Etrusco RomanaYou can surely familiarize yourself with over 120 DOCG, DOC and IGT wines in the evocative ambience of the ancient cellars inside the former Convent of Saint John, now hosting the Palazzo del Gusto and the Enoteca Regionale, and this is a true opportunity to enjoy wine by the glass by using a convenient winecard system. Nevertheless you should complete your knowledge of the local production directly in the field, by visiting some cellars in the area and, above all, by exploring the territory in a more complete way, so that you can observe to what extent the culture of the grapevine interlocks with the culture of other products, embracing a whole landscape of hairpin bends, hills and charming villages.

In order to choose an itinerary that may please your tastes and needs, you can take advantage both of the indications or the food-and-wine package tours provided by the Palazzo del Gusto, and of the website of the Strada dei Vini Etrusco Romana (the Etruscan-Roman Wine Route).

The Wine Route that includes local wine makers and associated producers, embraces a wide territory going from Orvieto to Amelia, from the northern part of the Orvieto region to the outskirts of Terni, and suggests routes that are not only limited to the best wine labels of these territories, but also include precious olive oils, typical bakery products, cured meats, truffle, genuine honey and delicious local cheeses. And not resisting the temptations to please your taste buds, you will also enjoy gentle landscapes, woods and rivers, castles and small churches, lively small villages and hidden art treasures, industrious craftsmen that keep the precious traditions of ancient trades alive. It is for you to "explore the enchantment" as suggested in the itineraries proposed by the Wine Route; and to take part in some traditional feast together with the welcoming locals, if you have the chance.
Dedicate some time to these unusual and lesser known routes. You will not be disappointed!


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