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The underground visit of Saint Andrew

Sotterranei della Chiesa di SantAndrea a OrvietoIn the Collegiate Church of Saints Andrew and Bartholomew, usually named Church of Saint Andrew by the Orvietani, possibly the most ancient one in Orvieto, it is possible to pre-book an underground guided visit, that represents an interesting complement to the underground Orvieto experience. The church basement confirms that this place of worship dates back a long time; it underwent renovation several times until the early twentieth century, when the bell tower underwent deep transformation and the crypt hosts a multitude of findings dating back from as early as the ninth century b.C. to the twelfth century A.D. when the Collegiate Church that we can see today was built.

Through a compelling archaeological narration, you can go back to four important stages of the city's history in a limited area, each marked by the traces of the findings that were brought to light: the remote Villanovian dwellings, the forum of the Etruscan town, the Paleo-Christian basilica moved from Bolsena to Orvieto after the Episcopal Seat was transferred to Orvieto (sixth century), with the marvellous remains of the original mosaic flooring, the underground structure of the Collegiate Church.

Book your visit in advance, you will not be disappointed! 

underground visit of Saint Andrew

Collegiate Church of Saints Andrew and Bartholomew
Piazza della Repubblica

Booking for the visit to the basement of the Collegiate Church
Archaeologist Francesco Pacelli, Intrageo
mobile phone +39 3281911316