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The Orvieto's funicular

Entrata della funicolareOrvieto’s funicular connects the railway station to the city’s historic centre by overcoming a vertical distance of 157 metres, and carrying up to 75 passengers along a 580 metre-long route. The last section on the way to Orvieto goes under a 123 metre-long tunnel excavated into the tufa rock (the arrival is at Piazza Cahen). For this reason too, this is a va e vieni single line funicular with two cars and a central pivot point to allow simultaneous uphill and downhill routes.

Orvieto’s first funicular, named “Funicolare Bracci” to honour Giuseppe Bracci from Orvieto, who sponsored it, used a water counterweight system for motion as designed by engineer Adolfo Cozza. Inaugurated on 7 October 1888, it underwent restoration in 1935 and worked for nearly a century. The funicular operations were suspended during World War II, and began again after the war until March 1st 1970 when, because of management issues, and following the prevalence of transport on wheels, the funicular was definitely closed.

However, following the reformulation of the Urban Traffic Plan on Orvieto’s cliff and the implementation of the Alternative Traffic project, the funicular began operating again along the original track, and the water-based system was replaced by an ordinary power driven one.

The old water-powered funicular can be admired in Orvieto Scalo’s large Railway Station Car Park. Besides representing a valid alternative traffic system, the funicular is certainly a piece of the city’s history. That is why discerning travellers should not leave Orvieto without giving this peculiar experience a go.


Tickets and timetable

Piazza Matteotti (exit railway station) - Piazza Cahen

From Piazza Matteotti to Piazza Cahen and back, including minibus from Piazza Cahen to the Duomo or to Piazza della Repubblica (or the opposite direction)

Timetable Funicolar
Weekdays from 7:20 to 20:30 every 10 minutes
Holydays from 8:00 to 20:30 every 15 minutes

Information +39 0763 341921 

Tickets Funicolar
€ 1.30 including city minibus (in 90 min.)
Groups min. 10 people 15% off