of the Good Taste

Do not forget the temptations for your taste buds. Excellent wines, first-rate olive oil, poured over the intriguing recipes of Orvieto’s culinary traditions, cheese and milk products and cured meats, quality honey, precious truffles, delicacies made by passionate bakers and pastry-makers. Do not forget to visit the Enoteca Regionale, the wine cellars and the wine makers of the area. When you are here also check the calendar for food and wine events created to please your palates. Orvieto is a slow city. Enjoy it with gusto!

Orvieto's Olive Oil

Old and very important is the relation between the city and the cultivation of the olive trees, and the production of great oil. An opportunity of good taste is to get to know de oil mills of the territory.

Orvieto's Wine

Orvieto has the eldest wine territory of Umbria. In 1971 it earns a designation of origin. The territory of the Orvieto Doc expands till the High Lazio lands.

Legumes and Cereals

The cultivation of legumes and cereals in Orvieto and its surroundings, and their role in the family kitchen with their traditional recipes, finds its origins, like most of the products from these lands, in the most old practices.

Butchery and Meat

Pork is home in Orvieto and in its surroundings and there are many many products of great skill from the butchers of the territory, which while staying and visiting the aerea you should for sure try.


The Orvieto aerea is very rich of truffles: you will find black and white truffles, as wel as summer of autumn truffles. And mostly the underground, hides sometimes in good quantities the, precious white.

Bread and Pastry

In Orvieto and its surroundings you can taste a great variety of bread and you can taste great traditional recipes – sweet or salt – all coming from wheat flour.


The use of honey goes back to the initials of the civilization, and it has always had nutritional and therapeutic attributes. A tradition that is celebrated in Orvieto.


In the countrysides that surround Orvieto there is a good production of excellent cow cheeses, goat cheeses, very good ricottas, and tasteful sheep cheeses seasoned in barrels.

Recipes and Traditions

Experience the traditional orvieto kitchen. Many recipes you can choose from, merging the good quality products with the patience to prepare them with love and respect.

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